Sunday, October 23, 2016

Glasgow kiss

When I singled out Arab Strap for particular praise during our discussion of Glasgow's vibrant music scene past and present in Episode 2 of Sounding Bored, I had no idea that a year earlier the band's frontman Aidan Moffat had penned his own ode in honour of the city's plethora of quality venues. I'm imagining that when David Yow and the Jesus Lizard got Moffat and friends drunk in the dressing room at King Tut's to apologise for overrunning and causing them to miss their train, it was a pretty messy evening.

Arab Strap are, of course, back from the dead, and marked their (possibly only temporary) resurrection with a gig at the Cluny in Newcastle last week, and a setlist that careered "between mirth and heartbreak", with lots of swearing. Nothing much has changed, then.

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