Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dying for your art

Coloured vinyl? Download codes? Not for cult experimentalists Negativland. The band have issued a statement detailing what purchasers of new album The Chopping Channel (the ninth in their Over The Edge series) can expect to receive in addition to the record itself: "In keeping with the album's theme, and while supplies last, each mail order copy of this new project comes with two very unique extra items: two grams of the actual cremains, or ashes, of deceased Negativland member Don Joyce, and one of Don's handmade audio tape loop 'carts' used in the creation of Over The Edge and Negativland live performances between 1981 and 2015."

The statement goes on to explain the thinking behind the extraordinary decision: "We've decided to take the Chopping Channel concept to its logical conclusion by 'productizing' an actual band member. It is also a celebration of the degree to which no idea in art was ever off-limits to Don, and offers a literal piece of him, and of his audio art, for the listener to repurpose and reuse. We are pretty sure he would have wanted it this way." In those terms, it seems perfectly rational.

Talk about a dead giveaway. Flaming Lips, the ball is very firmly in your court...

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