Thursday, October 27, 2016

Casting a shadow on the Sun

When will people, companies and organisations learn of the perils of using Twitter for PR ends? If it's not hashtags, whether ill-considered (just ask Susan Boyle) or hijacked, it's ill-advised Q&A sessions.

As the New Statesman's Media Mole has pointed out, it was a brave - read extremely foolhardy - decision for the Sun to initiate such a session with editor-in-chief Tony Gallagher in a week that the paper was under sustained fire for its coverage of the Calais migrant children. The article gathers together some of the best questions, chief among them "Do you do dental checks on page 3 girls to check they are definitely adults?" and "What form does Murdoch take when you meet him?"

In truth, a Q&A session at any time would be likely to prompt similar responses, given that shit-stirring is essentially the rag's modus operandi.

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