Saturday, September 24, 2016

Long live the King

Nightshift doesn't usually cover tribute bands, so I'm pleased to have been able to break with tradition and squeeze a review of Elvana's recent show at the Academy into the October issue. The mash-up of Elvis and Nirvana is evidence of their good taste, even if dropping 'Love Me Tender' into the middle of 'Rape Me' perhaps isn't...

Meanwhile, the cover star is Ally Craig of Bug Prentice, whose new EP (simply titled EP) is released next month. Elsewhere, both of my fellow Sounding Bored panellists Rob and Niall are represented - Niall's band The Beckoning Fair Ones get a glowing live review from Matthew Chapman Jones, while Rob has reviewed the Besnard Lakes' August show, which sadly proved somewhat underwhelming. Among the listings are previews of gigs by FEWS and Amber Arcades, both of which I'll be at with my reviewer's hat on.

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