Friday, September 30, 2016

Easel listening

It's my annual jaunt down to the south coast for Southsea Fest this weekend - amazing how quickly it comes around. After a year off last year (when the gap was plugged by the slightly smaller-scale Dials), it's back and boasts a large and varied line-up headed by British Sea Power across a range of stages and venues, all for the bargain price of £20.

One of my highlights two years ago were Ultimate Painting, who at the time had only recently released their self-titled debut LP. Two years on, and Jack Cooper and James Hoare are already onto their third, with Dusk - the follow-up to last year's Green Lanes - hitting shops today. According to the duo, interviewed by Noisey, it's a step away from its predecessors, with a more stripped-back sound. It also sounds as though both of their original bands, Mazes and Veronica Falls respectively, are no more, so they can dedicate all of their energies to this project.

Clearly I've got some catching up to do...

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