Friday, November 21, 2014

The Ride of your life?

It's nearly a year ago now that Jen and I were out for a birthday meal at the Magdalen Arms in Oxford only to find the former members of Ride and their manager conducting a business meeting at the next table. They must have finally decided the bank balance had dipped too low, as they've just announced a reunion and accompanying 2015 tour, including appearances at Primavera and Field Day.

In an interview with Drowned In Sound, Mark Gardener of course never mentions money, claiming it's all to do with "unfinished sonic business". It's a bit curious, then, that they're only set to play old material, though he suggests that new songs are pretty much an inevitability when the four of them reunite in a studio.

I shouldn't be too cynical - I'm one of those whom Ride passed by the first time around, and if Gardener is sufficiently admired by Thurston Moore to be asked to be his tour support, then my defences are already down.

On the subject of legendary bands making a comeback, you sense that Faith No More are determined to make an impact, given the choice of title for their new single and the press image released to accompany it.

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