Friday, November 07, 2014

Quote of the day

"The most effective complaint about Brand’s call to arms is that it’s confused. Of course it is, it’s all over the place. 'He poses only questions but has no solutions,' it’s claimed. Which is also true, but in a world in which it’s accepted by all major parties that banks and giant corporations and vast inequality are inevitable and can’t be curtailed, the most radical act can be to ask why."

Much of the internet may be abuzz with people tacking the exclamation of "PARKLIFE!" onto the end of sentences from Russell Brand's new book Revolution and finding it hilarious, but thankfully Mark Steel is a reliably sober voice in the wilderness. Dismiss Brand as a ludicrous fop if you like - but give him at least some credit for using his profile to take a stand and raise important issues all too often absent from mainstream political discussion.

(Thanks to Matt and Dan for the links.)

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