Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Know Your Enemy

"The fashion industry is the worst possible vessel for conveying an ethical message about anything. You might as well carve your slogan into the back of a baby seal and kick it down a spiral staircase made of orphan bones for all the good it’ll do you. Getting a moral lecture from the fashion industry is like Jeffrey Dahmer criticising your diet. Shit the fashion industry. It’s an almighty sequinned turd defiling humankind’s collective pavement. Consider fashion week. Les bastards du jour sitting bored and resplendent in the front row watching an interminable parade of undernourished ghost train skeletons draped in diaphanous wisps of fabric scuttling along the catwalk, the whole thing an appalling confidence trick designed to make regular people feel inadequate in order to generate mountainous profits for a bunch of pricks in black polo necks and jewellery sipping cocktails in a penthouse. Probably."

Charlie Brooker, less a dedicated follower of fashion than an obsessive stalker of fashion pursuing it with a massive shotgun and accompanying homicidal intent.

His comments appeared in a piece on Ed Miliband's latest PR own goal - wearing one of the Fawcett Society's "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirts that are apparently manufactured by women in sweatshop conditions in Mauritius. Nick Clegg also wore one but hasn't come in for as much censure from the media - perhaps because they can't be bothered to shoot two fish in the same barrel.

(Thanks to James for the link.)

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