Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quote of the day

"Diversify, Bernard. Present some bird watching show. ... Did anyone see Countryfile last night? Countryfile was great. There was this guy out there who drove his camper into the woods with his computer and recorded birdsong. Then he'd imitate it himself, put it in the computer and mix it in with music to create something. The presenter was on about ... what was the man's name? Vaughan Williams. And the music in relation to the country. I thought it was a beautiful programme."

Old punks don't die, it seems - they just start watching Countryfile. The punk in question is Iggy Pop, and the advice came in response to a question from none other than Joy Division and New Order's Bernard Sumner.

Pop had just delivered this year's John Peel Lecture. I had no idea he was now a semi-regular on Radio 6 - looking at recent playlists, he's gone in for a lot of classic krautrock (Amon Duul, Can, Popol Vuh, Michael Rother) and shown The Beach Boys some love, but still found time to give Protomartyr's 'Scum Rise' a plug.

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