Thursday, October 09, 2014

Paradise lost

How upsetting to discover I've missed Snobs' last night in its old home at Paradise Circus in Birmingham. The semi-legendary club - which really should have had the honour of featuring in the original Reasons To Be Cheerful series - wasn't exactly aptly named, given that the clientele (myself included) weren't exactly the most discerning. But hey, everyone should be happy with a cheap beer in their hand and someone spinning Stooges songs in the corner.

Snobs will live on, though the images of the new larger and swankier venue on Smallbrook Queensway suggest that it will do so in name only. Still, I suppose that if they install a few vending machines stocked with cans of Carling and liberally spray the dancefloors with vomit, then it might start to feel more familiar.

(Thanks to Adam for the link.)

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