Saturday, October 18, 2014

Know Your Enemy

"The green blob is holding the line. You had Dr Parr on from Greenpeace yesterday and he skirted round Justin Webb's questions questions on golden rice. Since yesterday, 6,000 people have died from vitamin A deficiency and he batted away Justin's questions on them stopping it. It was utterly wicked that last year Greenpeace activists trashed trials in the Philippines on golden rice. This is a huge problem around the world."

No, Owen Paterson - what's "utterly wicked" is smearing Greenpeace, given that they weren't even involved in halting the trials he mentions. This, lest we forget, is the man Cameron appointed to the position of Environment Secretary - a climate change sceptic who refers to environmentalists as "the green blob". At least he's since had the good sense to sack him.

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