Friday, October 03, 2014

Feel good hits of the 3rd October

Another bumper edition...

1. 'Sunbather' - Deafheaven
Typical of the album of the same name, in its transcendental power and ferocity. Unlikely to soundtrack too many holidaymakers' lazy afternoons lounging by the pool.

2. 'Windows' - Angel Olsen
The gorgeous, graceful slow-burner with which Burn Your Fire For No Witness - the current frontrunner for my album of the year - bids the listener adieu.

3. 'Dude Incredible' - Shellac
Like 'Sunbather', this is another title track that brooks absolutely no argument whatsoever. Judging by his enthusiastic toddler dancing, Stan is a big fan of the music as well as the photo of the two monkeys on the front cover. Makes you proud, doesn't it?

4. 'Magic Mountain' - The Drums
First track and first single from The Drums' new album Encyclopedia, which - as Jonny Pierce admitted in the course of giving a track-by-track guide to the record for Drowned In Sound - had a bit of mixed reception. The record itself could be (perhaps crudely) labelled as Pierce's coming out album - a bold statement given that his parents, both pastors, "actually lead anti-gay rallies and marches".

5. 'Disco//Very' - Warpaint
Just when their self-titled second album seems to be slipping into a familiar and (it has to be said) slightly boring pattern, along comes this song to shake things up. The slo-mo disco groove makes perfect sense, perhaps signposting a future in which they manage to fill LCD Soundsystem's shoes in a far more convincing fashion than Arcade Fire.

6. 'Ffunny Ffrends' - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Originally on Fat Possum and now on Jagjaguwar, Unknown Mortal Orchestra are part Antipodean and have much of the same vibe as Aussies Tame Impala. I thought I had Lou Barlow to thank for pointing me in their direction during his What's In My Bag? feature, but it seems not - a quick look back at the archives reveals that I actually first heard 'Ffunny Ffrends' more than two years ago when investigating albums released in 2011 that I hadn't previously explored.

7. 'Dead City Emily' - Marissa Nadler
A stand-out track from Nadler's effortlessly beautiful (what's new?) album July

8. 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' - Pulled Apart By Horses
What better way to wrap up this year's Southsea Fest than witnessing the Leeds mob set their fair-to-middling new material to one side in favour of rampaging through a golden oldie? 1:28 - YES.

9. 'Satellites' - EMA
The Future's Void is taking a little while to sink in, but not so the bold opener (and first single), an ominous electro-pop colossus that appears to have nicked the drum rhythm from Radiohead's 'Idioteque'.

10. 'Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues' - mclusky
A real blast from the past (quite literally) - both the song itself and the video courtesy of - that owes its inclusion in this list to Falco's decision to resurrect the name for a couple of gigs in aid of ailing gig venues in south Wales.

11. 'I Put A Spell On You' - Young@Heart
Marilyn Manson is among those to have tried covering Screamin Jay Hawkins' sinister original, but his version doesn't come close to being as entertaining as this one performed by a bunch of pensioners.

12. 'You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis' - Alpha Male Tea Party
This list has already featured mclusky - here's a song title (and indeed a song) that Falco and co would probably be proud of. Colour me gutted to have missed them both at Southsea Fest and when they visited Oxford last Friday.

13. 'Call The Coroner' - The St Pierre Snake Invasion
And back to mclusky again, as it was Falco who turned me on to this lot in the course of mentioning that their vocalist Damien will be supplying Jon Chapple's vocals for the forthcoming reunion shows.

14. 'On Leaving' - Hookworms
I like a band with a good work ethic and Hookworms certainly seem to fit the bill, with The Hum - the follow-up to the praised-to-the-heavens Pearl Mystic - already all ready to go. 'On Leaving' is a decent appetite-whetter.

15. 'Ghost Twin' - Blood Sister
Agreeably off-kilter noise-pop that would probably find favour with fans of My Bloody Valentine.

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