Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stage presence

I guess it's a sign of age and fatherhood, but Saturday's Southsea Fest was my first and only proper festival of the year. A shame for many reasons - not least because the line-up for this weekend's second annual Psych Fest in Liverpool (featuring the quite wonderful Besnard Lakes, among others) is positively mouthwatering. Hopefully it'll happen again next year and I can contrive to be there.

Meanwhile, nearer at hand is the newly announced Drill Festival in Brighton, set to star Wire, Swans, Savages, Mono, Grumbling Fur and Damo Suzuki. Due to take place in early December, it seems as though it's deliberately scheduled to attract the would-be ATP crowd. Needless to say, I'd like to be there.

As I would at one of the Manics' Roundhouse shows at which they'll be playing The Holy Bible in its entirety. I may have lost touch with them over recent years, but that album remains one of the most affecting and powerful in my collection.

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