Sunday, September 21, 2014

Punk's puddings

From drummer in seminal hardcore bands to acclaimed pastry chef at one of the swankiest restaurants in New York: it's an improbable journey, but one that Brooks Headley has managed to make. It's not even as though he's actually left his punk past behind, either - he's in a supergroup (of sorts) with Dean Spunt of No Age, and has got Steve Albini to write the foreword for his new cookbook (of sorts) Fancy Desserts. I'll admit I'd not heard of him before, but how can you fail to love a chef whose ethical food-buying policy is shaped by listening to Fugazi and who's made use of the cover of Melvins' Bullhead in his book?

As for Albini, it's no secret that he loves food too - and Stereogum's Greg Bouchard has reported on recently having the privilege of witnessing him at work in the kitchen and sampling one of his meals. Playing and recording music, poker, cooking: is there anything of value that the man isn't good at?

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