Friday, September 26, 2014

Psyched to the max

Not content with previewing this weekend's Psych Fest in Liverpool with a rundown of their twelve must-see acts, Drowned In Sound have also enlisted former Fields man Jamie Putnam to assemble a playlist to take you on a psych journey through the ages, taking in everything from Sonic Youth and (predictably) Spacement 3 to "epic, brain-mashing Scandinavian drone-out from the late 60s - like Coltrane playing over a Velvet Underground loop. Forever"...

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of John Doran's attempts to pin down what "psych" might mean (in short: it's not a genre label), Quietus staff and writers have been put to work recommending the very best purveyors of "modern European psychedelia". Lots of interesting-sounding tips for investigation - not least the marvellously named Sex Swing, featuring members of Part Chimp - plus a thumbs-up for my mate Matt's terrifying duo Necro Deathmort.

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