Monday, September 01, 2014

Crunch time

How to eat crisps? Regularly and with relish, surely. Shamefully, the author of the Guardian's guide, Tony Naylor, doesn't actually spell that out.

We have several points of agreement: as a "real crisp head", I know that "Seabrook nailed the ridged crisp years ago" and that "Everything since is just marketing bull for gullible idiots"; while "universally disgusting" is a bit strong, meat-flavoured crisps are generally very poor; root vegetable crisps simply don't count.

However, unlike Naylor I must confess to being a sucker for a gourmet crisp as well as the "bizarre, electrifying analogue" of artificial flavours, and the concept of a mixed-crisp salad severely upsets my OCD side as well as my stomach.

(Thanks to Mike for the link.)

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