Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quote of the day

"It's almost like mould. If there's mould in the room and you brush it away and get rid of it, it just goes. But the longer you look at mould and don't do anything about it… The longer that everyone's talking about this mould, it'll just get bigger. No one's rubbing it off because they're all too busy speculating about it."

Darlia vocalist/guitarist Nathan Day finds an unusual analogy to explain why rock is making a comeback. (It's not, of course - it's always been there.)

His comments appear in this BBC article profiling his band and three other rising rock acts. I was aware of Drenge and Royal Blood (and in the past six months have seen and written about them here and here), but both Darlia and Honeyblood are new to me. The former haven't grabbed me but, on the strength of 'Bud', I'm quite taken with the latter, a Glaswegian duo who've supported The Twilight Sad.

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