Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grammar school

The pedantic part of me wants to applaud schoolboy Albert Gifford for spotting a grammatical error on the packaging of Tesco's orange juice and forcing them to correct it. The rest of me reads the letter he wrote to the Daily Heil (as if writing to the Heil wasn't a heinous enough way of trying to achieve something) and looks at his arched eyebrow and decides he's a punchable little spod. Admittedly that reaction is prompted largely by disgust at the thought that this is just the sort of thing the teenage yours truly would have done (and the sort of thing the adult yours truly might well think of doing) - but, as much as I dislike Tesco, I'd have whooped to have learned that their reply was something more like "How's about you fuck off and obsess about girls/drink cider in parks like all normal 15-year-olds?"

(Thanks to Neil for the link.)

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