Monday, July 02, 2012

Feel good hits of the 2nd July

1. 'Pink Flag' - Wire
2. 'On The Sea' - Beach House
3. 'Angel Sigh' - Spiritualized
4. 'If I Have Been Unkind' - Lanterns On The Lake
5. 'Do Right' - Milk Maid
6. 'St Louis Elegy' - Mark Lanegan
7. 'Graveyard Girl' - M83
8. 'Sexual Cowboy' - The Lovely Eggs
9. 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf' - The Cramps
10. 'Stop Coming To My House' - Mogwai


1. and 9. Testament to the fact that I really ought to buy a lot more old punk albums. Seriously embarrassing that I'd got to the age of 34 without properly discovering either Wire or the Cramps.

2. Bloom just gets lovelier with every listen - even if their Primavera Porto set didn't quite do it justice.

3. Spiritualized's Primavera set sent me scuttling back to their back catalogue, and Angel Sigh is one of the reasons I'm starting to feel I've been undervaluing Lazer Guided Melodies (even if Pure Phase and Ladies And Gentlemen... remain untouchable). Given that I've got all the studio albums, perhaps live collection Fucked Up Inside should be next on the shopping list?

4. Kicking myself for not getting my arse in gear in time to catch Lanterns On The Lake when they played an in-store at Truck last weekend. Doh.

5. In which former Nine Black Alps bassist Martin Cohen drops the neo-grunge in favour of Wavves-worshipping surf-garage-fuzz with a delectable flurry of feedback. Hardly original, but enough to get Fat Cat (and me) very interested.

6. "If tears were liquor, I'd have drunk myself sick". If ever one line made a song...

10. Happy Music For Happy People remains my favourite Mogwai record - and this is one of the reasons why.

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