Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quote of the day

"There were punks everywhere in Bristol. I was never tempted to become one of them, though. I was Sidney Serious, I was into George Benson. I was smooth. Smooth as a cashmere codpiece. I would never have roughed myself up like that ... like a bit of emery cloth. I was as smooth as Nat King Cole's voice, like a bit of melted Galaxy chocolate. Beautiful. Not like the punk rockers. Good God, they were like a load of razor blades in a jar. 'I am an Antichrist!' - that's really soothing that is, isn't it?"

The thoughts of Plymouth Argyle manager Ian Holloway on the Sex Pistols reunion, from his latest column on the BBC site. He's featured for QOTD before, and I suspect he may well again...

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