Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm free to do what I want any old time

... but many millions the world over aren't. A timely reminder that not everyone wants to write about what they've been listening to or post pictures of their cat - and that they're punished for doing so.

"The web is a great tool for sharing ideas and freedom of expression. However, efforts to try and control the internet are growing. Internet repression is reported in countries like China, Vietnam, Tunisia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria. People are persecuted and imprisoned simply for criticising their government, calling for democracy and greater press freedom or exposing human rights abuses, online.

But internet repression is not just about governments. IT companies have helped build the systems that enable surveillance and censorship to take place. Yahoo! have supplied email users’ private data to the Chinese authorities, helping to facilitate cases of wrongful imprisonment. Microsoft and Google have both complied with government demands to actively censor Chinese users of their services.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It is one of the most precious of all rights. We should fight to protect it.

Click here to find out more about this joint Amnesty International / Observer campaign, and what you can do to support it.

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Anonymous said...

you've made a fundamental error concerning "fundamental rights." There are no rights. It's a word bandied about by the privileged. Commerce is god; it prescribes everything, and does it without illusion. Probably you will never have to experience what millions in this world have experienced: authority smashing into your household and breaking your ricebowl, or maybe your bride and your baby's head.

Reconsider your application of the cliche, "rights."

there is an Orson wells on Facebook who will field any replies you might have to this comment.