Tuesday, January 04, 2005


At Troubled Diva, Mike's in the process of running through his Top 90 Singles Of 2004, complete with extensive commentary - at the time of posting, he's got as far as #56 in the countdown. Click on the link to dip in.


Pitchfork: Top 50 Singles
Stylus: William B Swygart's Top 75 UK Singles
Parallax View: Who To Listen Out For In 2005 and Top 12 Books
Danger! High Postage: Top 10 Singles And Much More Besides (scroll down for the full Top 40 Singles)
Amblongus: 20 Singles That Stuck In My Head
The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha!: Favourite Albums, Books, DVDs And TV
Casino Avenue: Top 3 Albums
The Highrise: Top Tracks (scroll down)
Secret Knowledge Of Backroads: Records Of The Year
Diamond Geezer: Top 3 Albums

(Thanks to Mike and Inspector Sands for some of these links.)

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