Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jail: the final frontier

You've got to love local news.

Well, when I say "love", I mean "feel either mildly irritated, incandescent with anger or completely and utter bewildered about".

In the round-up yesterday evening - can't remember if this was BBC or ITV - the second item was about a couple suspected, and since convicted, of killing the three-year-old child they were planning to adopt.

The first item concerned the fact that a "Dr Spock lookalike" had appeared in court charged with harrassing his neighbours.

To illustrate their point, they showed him talking on his mobile, and then a still of Leonard Nimoy - and, yes, the resemblance was uncanny.

Other than the obvious, two things concern me.

Firstly, when they called him a "Dr Spock lookalike", were they referring to his profession, or just making a judgement on his appearance?

And secondly, IT'S MR SPOCK NOT DR SPOCK!!! Surely after the pub quiz episode of 'The Office' everyone knows that!

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