Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Random Euro 2004 observations

No considered, well-informed and intelligently-written commentary on either individual games or the whole tournament here - for that, you'll just have to look elsewhere. No, here on SWSL you'll just be getting the odd random observation, the stale crumbs that fall from Baddiel and Skinner's table...

With his blond hair and unbuttoned shirt, doesn't the Swedish ref Anders Frisk look like an ageing porn star? Either that, or a member of Bucks Fizz. Either way, I was continually expecting him to whip off his shorts during last night's Germany - Holland match.

And hasn't Pavel Nedved got the most extraordinary haircut? I think it's a mullet, but not of the sort you'd see on a night out in Shoreditch. Perhaps the blogworld's own mullet expert, Phill of Danger! High Postage, can adjudicate.

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