Friday, June 11, 2004

Quotes of the day

Yes, today I just couldn't choose between these two brilliantly insightful comments from two of my favourite bloggers.

Lord Marmite of Amblongus on the proposal to put Reagan on the $10 or $20 bill:

"The thought of seeing Ronnie's face twinkling up at me from a crumpled bank note gives me the willies. I hope they put him in the $20 so that at least the people who have been most fucked up by the legacy of Reaganomics won't have to look at it very often..."

Simon of No Rock 'N' Roll Fun:

"Prince Charles has been off to see 'Mama Mia', the Abba musical, which reopened the Prince of Wales Theatre with a charity show. 'I knew every word. It certainly dates me', said Charles, heading backstage after the show. No, son, what dates you is being part of the last vestiges of an archaic feudal aristocracy who's been handed large chunks of Cornwall, Wales and god knows what else just as an accident of birth. Compared to that, being able to hum along with 'Take A Chance On Me' makes you look as up-to-the-minute as a plasma screen TV."

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