Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Candid camera?

I'll admit to not being a motorist (primarily due to my inability to drive in the legal sense of the term - though I frequently try to dress it up as a matter of personal choice out of concern for the environment and my own health), but I simply cannot understand what all the fuss about speed cameras is, especially in the face of seemingly incontrovertible evidence in favour of their use. The cameras are "concealed", and the police are "sneaky bastards" for using them - yeah, that's right, they're sneaky bastards for enforcing the law. We're told that the money speeding motorists have to cough up is yet another crippling "tax", and not a fine imposed for an infringement of the law. If you don't speed, you ain't going to get fined - it's as simple as that. Of course, the fact that the most prominent whingers are people like that fat-faced cock Clarkson doesn't exactly help me sympathise with the drivers' cause, especially when he comes out with the usual right-wing middle-class bollocks about how the police are "wasting taxpayers' money" and should be out catching the "real criminals": "£71million quid last year, from 6million people being caught. That's 10 per cent of the population criminalised, more than a quarter of the motoring population. Most of them were little old ladies doing 32mph."

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