Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Under the influence?

Not having Netflix, I haven't seen the Fyre documentary - but it beggars belief that people can still be championing the value of social media "influencers" (urgh) in the wake of that complete shitshow. That said, the two quoted in this BBC article - Rohan Midha and Werner Geyser - are hardly neutral commentators; on the contrary, they've got a vested interest, fattening themselves on the spoils.

Thankfully, the article's author Zoe Kleinman gives the last word to one of the Fyre employees interviewed for the film, who succinctly demolishes the whole concept: "A couple of powerful models posting an orange tile is what essentially built this entire festival. ... And then one kid with probably 400 followers posted a picture of cheese on toast and that trended and essentially ripped down the festival."

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