Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ten of the best

Episode 36 of Sounding Bored, recorded in December and given over to the traditional run-down of the team's favourite albums of the year, may have appeared online fashionably late and been blighted by an unfortunate technical issue, but it's still well worth your time.

The bumper festive panel - consisting this time of David, Amy, Josh and host Rob - begin by talking about whether the very concept of an album has any meaning anymore in an era of streaming, soundtracks, mixtapes and curated records, before going on to talk through some of the most acclaimed collections of 2018.

I won't give anything away about which artists feature and where they place - you'll just have to listen to find out - but the discussion is thoughtful, lively and entertaining, referencing everything from #metoo, morality and the difficulty of divorcing albums from their makers to Rob's descent into middle age, "honking goose vocals", ill-advised alligator purchases and the horrible sensation of accidentally chewing the foil when biting into a KitKat...

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