Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Driving songs

Director Edgar Wright's work has always betrayed a love of music (the music was the only thing I vaguely liked about Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) but by all accounts his new film Baby Driver takes that to a whole new level, with the soundtrack being so inextricably embedded that it choreographs the action.

The Quietus have invited him to share his 13 favourite albums for their regular Baker's Dozen feature, giving him the opportunity to talk about some of the key songs from the film: 'Bellbottoms' by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, which soundtracks the opening heist sequence (from Orange), 'Brighton Rock' by Queen (from Sheer Heart Attack) and 'Debra' by Beck, a track he succinctly describes as being "almost like a Flight Of The Conchords song but it's done with such brio" (from Midnite Vultures).

Peppered with some pretty shameless name-dropping about his famous mates, Wright's selection also includes some serious big hitters (The Beatles, The Kinks, Prince, David Bowie), with the most recent release chosen being King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's Nonagon Infinity - another prompt for me to check out a band who are being talked up everywhere.

The review of Baby Driver by the Quietus' Ben Rabinovich isn't perhaps as glowing as you might expect, suggesting that this car chase movie becomes something of a car crash towards the end, but he does note that the integration of the music helps to transform an otherwise "run-of-the-mill" genre flick into something much more interesting and memorable.

(Thanks to Simon for the link.)

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