Thursday, July 28, 2016

Watch and learn

What is it with HIT Entertainment? If their kids' programmes aren't conditioning our youth to the importance of an unquestioning and hard-working existence within a totalitarian society, it seems as though they're subtly encouraging them to adopt Islamophobic attitudes.

Lest expectant and new parents fear the worst about kids' TV, though, it is possible to point to at least a few (CBeebies) programmes that have considerable merit: Octonauts (which is likely to be responsible for a surge in the number of marine biologists in years to come), Go-Jetters (who better to give geography lessons than a disco-loving unicorn?), My First, I Can Cook and Andy's Wild/Dinosaur/Prehistoric Adventure. A new one to me was Melody, which introduces children to the work of classical composers, including (in a recent episode) Erik Satie. You won't find Thomas the Tank Engine whistling Satie tunes any time soon...

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