Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sounds of the spheres

It was a long time in coming (nearly as long as the Avalanches' second album), but Episode 7 of Sounding Bored is here. For this installment the absent Niall is replaced by special guest Amy as we celebrate the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and its legacy as it reaches a milestone 50th birthday, before using it as a springboard for a wider discussion of production and producers that is conducted in layman's terms rather than a welter of obtuse technical detail. We then wrap up by considering the merits (and disappointments) of Bat For Lashes' fourth LP The Bride.

I feel compelled to point out that (a) the Angel Olsen song I enthuse about is called 'Shut Up Kiss Me' (note to self: it's not a very effective plug if you don't actually mention the song title...) and (b) I don't actually think that the production quality ruins Daydream Nation - more that I love that album in spite of the production.

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