Friday, July 01, 2016

Palm reader

You may not know the Lithuanian EU commissioner for health and food safety Vytenis Andriukaitis by name, but by now you're probably familiar with his facepalm response to Nigel Farage's tirade at the EU parliament on Wednesday. It turns out that Andriukaitis - who, like his fellow MEPs, stood accused of having never done "a proper job" in their lives - is not only a trained cardiac surgeon but has risen to his current position of prominence in spite of being born in a Soviet gulag.

He's taken to the European Commission's blog to explain his reaction, criticising Farage and the Leave campaign for spreading "toxic untruths" and "instigating hate, chauvinism and phobias" which have had fatal consequences in the form of Jo Cox's death. Sadly, the chances of Farage pausing for a moment, dispensing with the childish insults and actually accepting responsibility for the bullshit that pours out of his mouth are about as slim as Michael Gove's chances of receiving a Christmas card from Boris Johnson this year.

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