Friday, July 01, 2016

Eton mess

Another day, another intensification of the omnishambles that is the post-referendum political landscape. Boris Johnson's decision not to stand for the Tory leadership is extraordinary. All that jostling and chicanery to undermine and oust David Cameron only to get cold feet at the thought of actually having to "take control" and follow through by triggering Article 50 and kicking off the formal Brexit process. He and Cameron seem to be locked in a contest to see who can commit political suicide in the messiest and most public way - which would be hilarious if the fate of the nation and its people wasn't at stake, and if Labour weren't so engaged in bitter infighting of their own to capitalise on the situation.

"Doing a Boris" has already been added to the Urban Dictionary, defined as wanting to live in Dave's house, having a massive shit in the front room causing him to move out and then deciding that the stench is so bad you don't want to live there after all. He's back to being a grinning idiot suspended in limbo, pathetically waving a couple of small Union Jacks...

Meanwhile, Boris' backstabber, that horrible little git Michael Gove, has thrown his hat into the ring, as has Stephen Crabb and his extremely questionable views on homosexuality. As has been pointed out on social media, it really is coming to something when Theresa May is the most appealing candidate. Come back Dave, all is forgiven.

Armando Iannucci's response to the situation on Twitter was telling: "People keep telling me things are like a 'Thick Of It' script. Maybe, but only if it was written by an infinite number of monkeys."

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