Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Where the streets have no name people

I'm currently reading Mark Binelli's excellent and eye-popping book about Detroit, but for all its problems that city - or even Highland Park, within it - is in significantly better health than Picher in Oklahoma, named the most toxic place in the US. It developed due to the booming lead and zinc mining industry, but was ultimately also killed off by that same industry and its attendant environmental waste, with the US government deciding to close it and relocate residents in 2006. Seph Lawless' photos, published in a new book entitled The Prelude: The Deadliest City In America, show how nature is now gaining a measure of revenge for the gross abuses the mining industry wreaked upon it.

Meanwhile, in Japan, it's a case of: move over, Pripyat - there's a cool new abandoned post-nuclear town in, er, town.

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