Monday, February 15, 2016

A curious diagnosis

I'm not quite sure what's most depressing - that it's been claimed that the crisis in the NHS and the doctors' strikes are the consequence of the "feminisation of the profession", or that the person making this staggering claim (and an associated argument in favour of Victorian family values) is herself a woman.

Kathy Gyngell's beyond-parody article did at least have me chuckling at a few points rather than merely open-mouthed in disbelief - though only on account of the fact that she accidentally slips into referring to Henry Goodall (a doctor) as "Howard Goodall". She concludes by asking "which of these doctors would you trust most with your care in a medical crisis? Dr Reena Aggarwal or Dr Howard Goodall who trained along with his mainly male colleagues back in the 1960s? I know who I would pick." Fair enough, Kathy, that's your prerogative - but I'll go for Dr Aggarwal, the trained medical professional rather than the composer and broadcaster.

(Thanks to Alex for the link.)

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