Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tourbus blues

It might quote an odd assortment of musicians, but Luke Morgan Britton's Guardian article about the stresses and strains of life on the road is still worth a read. While many people (myself included) would instinctively say they'd love to live the lifestyle of a touring musician, only working for an hour or two a day, the reality is less glamorous than might be imagined, inevitably involving a lot of tedium, whether travelling or sitting around waiting.

What's more, as the article underlines, going from the highs of a successful tour or from a gig in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd to being at home and trying to readjust to normal life can be extremely psychologically challenging for individuals, as well as a potential threat to their relationships with others. All things considered, suddenly a 9-5 desk job doesn't seem quite so unappealing.

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