Friday, March 06, 2015

Quote of the day

"A rational conversation about causes and possible solutions is all but impossible. We must simply say that Isis is evil in its rawest form, apparently more evil than anything that has gone before, and leave it at that. Bombs and prisons: that’s the only legitimate response, and anyone who says otherwise is an apologist, a traitor or both. And so the symbiotic relationship between western power and jihadism persists."

The Guardian's Owen Jones doing his level best to be branded "an apologist, a traitor or both". His article doesn't change the fact that Isis/IS are reprehensible and need to be combated, but it does make the valid points that it's not that long ago that we were effectively in league with the jihadis against common enemies, and that some of our current de facto allies in the fight against Isis/IS are hardly much better.

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