Monday, March 02, 2015

Play it again, Pat

If you were following the League Cup final between Chelsea and Spurs on Radio 5 yesterday and thought that Pat Nevin sounded a bit fatigued, then that's probably because he was DJing at an indie club night in Dalston until 3am the night before. You wouldn't catch Michael Owen doing that.

While Noisey's Joe Zadeh seems surprised by Nevin's double life, the news of his DJ career wasn't really anything new to me - I was already well aware of the fact that he wasn't your average Luther Vandross-loving 80s footballer, instead preferring all things Glaswegian and indie pop.

However, I didn't know he was basically a production assistant on John Peel's show while still a Chelsea player, or that he used to jet off to midweek gigs in foreign countries unbeknownst to his managers, or that he once asked to get taken off early in a match as a condition of signing a contract just so he could go and see Cocteau Twins. Plus he takes the opportunity to endorse Ex Hex.

Nevin's always come across as a good pundit (if that's not an oxymoron), but I like him just that a little bit more now.

(Thanks to Chris for the link.)

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