Thursday, January 30, 2014

A field of its own

Once again, against my better judgement, I find myself looking longingly at the recently announced bill for this year's Primavera like a skint schoolboy with his nose pressed up against a sweet shop window. The list of acts I'd like to see is too long and depressing to reproduce here, but it is worthy of note that both Nine Inch Nails and Queens Of The Stone Age will be appearing this year - two bands a little out of the ordinary for a festival that is broadly leftfield in focus.

This envy is only going to get worse as the line-ups for other festivals are announced in the coming weeks - particularly for Glastonbury. Still, we might possibly get to one ourselves. The most local, Truck, is sadly not an option as it clashes with my brother's wedding, but Green Man remains a possibility. The memory of last year's bill for the Far Out Stage blotting out the prospect of having to cope with a toddler in the Welsh mud and rain - not sure I can say the same for my other half, mind.

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