Sunday, June 30, 2013

Master: dick

What a horrible shame that a legendary band and an alt-rock royalty couple should have been ripped asunder in the most mundane, "normal" fashion - an affair with a "starstruck" fan and "a revealing text message". Kim Gordon has put her estranged husband Thurston Moore's behaviour down to a midlife crisis. I'd describe Chelsea Light Moving as the sound of a man going through a midlife crisis if it wasn't for the fact that his past means that their raucous pedal-to-the-metal debut album isn't exactly out of character...

You'd imagine the fact that the other woman originally entered Moore's world as the girlfriend of another band member would mean Gordon wouldn't be the only one who would be royally pissed off, thereby making the possibility of Sonic Youth returning from indefinite hiatus even less likely. However, the article's use of "erstwhile" - "erstwhile band member" - suggests it was Jim O'Rourke who introduced them, and he's long since left the band. Jezebel have picked up the clues Gordon dropped and done some digging and claim the other woman is Eva Prinz, co-founder with Moore of the Ecstatic Peace Library.

Just as Gordon was coming to terms with the break-up of the marriage, she discovered she had a non-invasive form of breast cancer: "I’m fine; it’s literally the best you can have." Not ideal at the best of times, but that must have been particularly hard to take. My love for Moore remains undiminished, but he does seem to have behaved rather badly here.


Suresh said...

Did you turn that artice up flicking through the pages of Elle Ben.... a work related assignment perhaps?

Ben said...

No, you'll be surprised to know - it was via a Google search which led to this article: Decided to link to the original source rather than the secondary article. Happy? ;)