Thursday, May 30, 2013

We're in this together

He did it when Maggie died and he's done it again in the wake of Lee Rigby's death in Woolwich - Russell Brand has penned a more thoughtful reaction piece than you'll find in most of the papers. His plea for unity and compassion rather than division may seem characteristically idealistic and perhaps somewhat futile, but he will no doubt have been heartened to hear about the healing powers of football, custard creams and cups of tea in York.

It was disappointing to find Newcastle selected as the venue for a mass EDL march on Saturday, and though there were representatives from around the country present, several knuckleheads took to the streets in their Toon shirts, as though determined to give us Geordies a bad name. While the EDL (and the BNP, whose leader Nick Griffin visited the crime scene in Woolwich last week) seem determined to use the soldier's murder for their own political ends, it's gratifying to know that Help For Heroes remain resolute in giving them the cold shoulder.

(Thanks to Chris and Dave for the second and third links respectively.)

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