Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Food (and) records

What happens when a cacophony of music writers (yes, that's the collective noun) get together for the annual Nightshift "Christmas" curry, as happened on Saturday?

1. Much booze consumed in a short space of time.

2. Anecdotes about collecting Damo Suzuki from Luton Airport and then help him up stairs to the gig venue because he's suffering from gout, and receiving demos from before-they-were-famous members of Los Campesinos! written in five different colours of ink.

3. Bemusement at the fact that Level 42 appear to be the biggest influence on what is currently considered "cool" in Oxford.

4. Trying to invent names for a theoretical electro outfit playing local blues nights to the horror of the regulars. L.E.D. Belly and Robot Johnson were the two best. Expect both to be making an appearance on local gig listings some time soon.

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