Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Party time! Not excellent!

One book that isn't on my Christmas wishlist: Pippa Middleton's guide to how to party, published by the increasingly shameless Penguin, who paid her a ludicrous advance of £400,000 for her vacuous musings. I'd much rather take advice of this nature from Andrew WK. Wonder if there's a section in there about the enjoyment that comes from hanging around with gun-toting posh boys in Paris?

Update - a couple of related links to which I've since been directed:

The Torygraph's review of the book: "What is the point of this thick, colourful book, except as a sort of cultural tea bag for the American market?"

The Daily Mash's take on what might be Celebrate's sequel, Copulate: "When I’m in an older, draughtier house like Buckingham palace, I usually leave on my fleece gilet for an alluring yet practical look."

(Thanks to Mhairi and Alex for the links.)

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