Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Barack's back

So, tough luck, Mitt. According to Fox News' articulate political pundit Bill O'Reilly, it turned out that 50% of America wanted "stuff" or "things", and that Barack Obama was the man who could deliver. The problem for Mitt Romney, O'Reilly went on to claim, is that "the White Establishment is now a minority".

Another Fox pundit, Dick Morris, has said much the same - through mouthfuls of humble pie at having ignored all the signs and predicted a Romney landslide. Interestingly, David Simon, creator of The Wire, is in broad agreement at the marked change in the American demographic and therefore political landscape, though he views the shift as something to celebrate rather than lament.

In no way succumbing to sour grapes, Fox have published an article denouncing the ways the biased "mainstream media" have cynically manipulated the American public into re-electing Obama. You couldn't hope to find a more staggering example of the station's lack of self-awareness. That said, it could all be a joke - the article's author rejoices under the possibly pseudonymic Rich Noyes, which pretty much sums up the Romney campaign.

In all seriousness, though, it was refreshing to see Americans choose wisely and return Obama to office - there was a danger we might be plunged back into the dark days of Dubya. The economic crisis in particular had posed a significant threat to Obama's chances of re-election, but it seems the electorate broadly decided there was no credible alternative and put faith in his recovery measures over the proposals of a man who tried to make much capital over his business credentials.

After the initial elation of installment in the White House, Obama's first four years may have brought much disappointment along the way - the realities of the job, and the wilful obstruction by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, frequently frustrating him - but positive progress and change has nevertheless been made, with the promise of more to come.

As for Romney, I'd hope he now does the decent thing and donates his hair to medical science - and, while he's at it, gets his chum Donald Trump to do likewise.

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londonviews said...

No pollsters or pundits envisaged or factored in the Sandy effect.How could they? Even the most cerebral Obama strategist could never have come up with anything better. I mean the timing of it,the affected locations, the media focus etc.

Ben said...

Fair enough - but are you saying that it definitively changed the outcome of the election i.e. that if Sandy hadn't happened, Romney would have won? I'm not so sure about that. The margin of victory was relatively significant.