Thursday, July 07, 2011

The end of the News of the World is nigh

Oh dear. Should've just stuck with the Fake Sheik, shouldn't they?

While I have a certain amount of sympathy for those who will lose their jobs but who are innocent of any wrongdoing and are paying the price for the actions of long-gone predecessors, I'm happy to wish the rag a hearty good riddance. Anyone protesting that the nation should be mourning the loss of a great paper needs their fucking head examined. Not that Murdoch's grand gesture (while retaining Rebekah Brooks) should be allowed to mark the end of the affair, of course.

It's very rare that I share the viewpoint of Peter Oborne, but his piece in The Spectator cuts to the quick of the issue, examining and critiquing the cosy intimacy of the press and politicians. Something is very rotten indeed.

(Thanks to Jane for the title of the post and Neil for the Oborne link.)

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