Monday, April 28, 2008

Look who's squawking too

How do you cheer up a feathered fellow whose faithful companion has just flown off to the great birdcage in the sky? By getting him a harem of nubile ladyfriends.

Their names? Rita and Sue, of course.

While Rita has a bluish tinge, which is appropriate because the name conjures up images of blue rinses, we're not actually 100% certain that her companion is female. But then you've heard of a boy named Sue, haven't you?

And what of Bob? Well, he's currently playing the role of the grumpy old grouch whose feathers have been ruffled by the adventurous new arrivals having their beaks in his Trill - but no doubt he'll get used to them before long, once he gets over his shyness at talking to girls.

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