Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rather Ripped? Rather excited...

The news I've been waiting for: details of the new Sonic Youth LP!

Due to be released on 13th June, it's going to be called Rather Ripped - they've changed their minds about calling it Do You Believe In Rapture?. The tracklisting is as follows:

'Reena' / 'Incinerate' / 'Do You Believe In Rapture?' / 'Sleepin Around' / 'What A Waste' / 'Jams Run Free' / 'Rats' / 'Turquoise Boy' / 'Lights Out' / 'The Neutral' / 'Pink Steam' / 'Or'

One more titbit: some of the final touches were put to the record in J Mascis's studio in Amherst.

So, regular as clockwork, every two years since 1998 - and nearly every one a belter. Let's just hope it's another good 'un - though with Sonic Youth it's more a matter of expectation than hope.

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