Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blogwatch: in brief


Lisa Whiteman - a New Yorker who writes well and takes great photos documenting (mainly) the people of the city (via Swiss Toni)

Bob Bobertson's Blog - the rather amusing blog of Bob from 'Weebl & Bob' (not to be mistaken for Boblog, the blog of Bob Mould, ex Husker Du and Sugar) (via By The Sea Shore)


Reluctant Nomad, winner of the Best Overseas South Africa Blog in the 2006 SA Blog Awards


The Quiz Blogger trawls the murky world of internet quiz sites and posts his observations - "I hate the word 'trivia'. Sure it's Latin-derived, but the word makes me feel like it shouldn’t be seriously and is therefore only good for wasting time spent in the office (if I still worked in an office that is) or killing time. The word 'quiz' is so much better. 'Trivia' is close to the word 'trivial' and therefore cursed with a casualness I despise. Always strive for nobility. People will think of you much the better for it".

Inspector Sands wonders when there'll be a decent men's mag on newsagent shelves - "A fresh plunge down the pan came from the weekly lads' mags, Zoo and Nuts. The pressure's on with competition that can do it four times a month, with each magazine seeking to out-shock the others. They're embarrassing to be seen with once unless you're a teenager or very simple indeed".

Mike asks for suggestions about where to go for his stag do.

And finally...

JonnyB has a spot of bother with some mystery dog doo.

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