Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Quote of the day

"God, we must be in a bad state in this country if we have to bring in a bloody foreigner at a ridiculous, exorbitant salary. Not only that but The Swede.

Have you ever been to Sweden? The word is boring. Get stuck there for three years and it would be like breaking out of prison to stop yourself going crazy. Were they neutral in the war? Course they were. They can't get excited and emotional about anything. Well, one thing.

We do know The Swede is as bad a judge of women as he is of centre halves. I tell you, he's lucky he's not English. If he had been the FA would have sacked him for his embarrassing affair with that Ulrika girl. That and a few other bits and bobs to do with the football.

Like being in charge of the only England team I've ever seen go down without a fight. The way we lost that World Cup quarter-final to Brazil was a bloody disgrace. No passion. But then he doesn't have it in him to get fired up, demanding and emotional. It's not in the Swedish nature. He doesn't understand us. He doesn't know how and when to play to the strengths of our national character. He does not know what the England team means to an Englishman.

Who else but Brian Clough, sounding off in the Daily Mail about Sven Goran Eriksson? Now there's a marriage made in heaven: Brian Clough and the Mail - both equally stubborn, cantankerous, xenophobic and bigoted.

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