Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Peace and quiet

Today would have been the day I would have been travelling down to Glastonbury for this year's festival - if I'd had a ticket, that is. I haven't been to Worthy Farm for nearly a decade, and life has changed immeasurably since that last visit in 2011 - but that doesn't mean that looking at other people's personal photographic memories of the festival hasn't thrown fuel on the fire of my desire to go again one day. It doesn't take much, to be fair - certainly much less than watching Angel Olsen's Park Stage set from 2017 or a hugely enjoyable return to the Proper Festivalling game with Green Man last year.

There's a small, quite bitter part of me that's glad Glastonbury is having an unscheduled fallow year and won't be alive with the sound of music this weekend. One of the few upsides of the pandemic is that those of us who suffer from a chronic fear of missing out, particularly during the summer months, can be reassured by the knowledge that everyone else is too.

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